HP Race Parts

Racing all the way.

The HP Race Power Kit ensures further optimised engine properties and a significant torque increase of up to 8 Nm, especially in the medium speed range relevant to cornering fun (5000 to 9000 rpm). In addition to a special engine control unit with racing data set, the kit also includes an Akrapovi─Ź┬« racing exhaust system made of light titanium which not only ensures significantly reduced exhaust back pressure but also saves about 7 kg of weight. The dB eater (98 dB) also included in the kit means that more stringent noise limitations imposed by race track operators can be adhered to if necessary. The data set designed for race track use influences and intensifies the riding modes (Rain, Sport, Race, Slick) and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) for even greater acceleration and traction on extreme manoeuvres at threshold level (e.g. brake drifts and wheelies). This function is authorised by means of a code which is entered in the control unit by the BMW Motorrad dealer.